Bebb Approved Fitting Centres

At Bebb we are fully committed to your safety and we will only allow installation of our tested products to be conducted by one of our approved fitting centres.

We are not in the business of just sending you a product direct and then leaving any ambiguity in its fitting that could lead to damage to the integrity to the installations of our products.

Bebb has embarked on a national training scheme with expert camper convertors around the UK and after their training and award of certification, we have empowered them to fit our products to your vehicle to the highest standards.

Upon handover of your vehicle, you convertor will issue with an embossed certificate for you to keep to demonstrate our commitment to the safety of you our customers. Only embossed certificates are valid and legal – anything else will be a fake – please let us know if encounter any fakes.

Our approved fitters receive full on-site training, and are provided with an embossed certificate that they will be able to show you when you visit their premises. As an on-going commitment to our fitting scheme, all fitters will be subject to periodic auditing to ensure they are up-holding our name and the integrity of out products.

Quite simply – unless your product is fitted to the correct standard by a qualified fitter, all the investment in testing and product development would be completely negated – and that is why we are insistent on the approved fitting centre scheme.

For your local Bebb approved fitting centre, please see the map below and make contact direct with the centre of your choice: