People realize the true flexibility of the Bebb Bed System

Wednesday 01 February 2012 12:00
People realize the true flexibility of the Bebb Bed System

More and more Bebb customers realize the true potential of the quick release system and have multi position feet and underbracing fitted to their vans to give maximum flexibility from their "one-does-all-vehicle"

Bebb are now fitting more and more foot pack kits in multi positions within the van, so customers can have the bed in either the front kombi-type position and/or the rear "bed" position.

For an inenxpensive optional extra we can fit the foot pack and underbracing kit in the van so it can be used on the "school-run" as a Kombi Van, and maitaining a payload area in the rear, and then when away for the weekend, the bed moves back into the rear position for the traditional camper layout configuration.  If the Kombi kit is fitted to the NS of the vehicle, customer can still run cupboards down the OS of the vehicle in the usual manner.

All this with the added bonus that if you need the van for work, a trip to the tip, or for collection of large goods, the Bebb bed can be fully removed from the van- thus giving you a fully multi-use vehicle.

Please see picture in this story showing the 8 feet fitted to a customers van - Kombi on NS and Bed position - this guys can convert his van and still use it for work - bonus!